“An outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature”
Cayman Brac Yoga
“The Yogi Wall is an expression of Love to all Beings and the Mother Nature. Having an outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature is the mother’s gift to all who enter the sacred space.” Angel Robledo


All classes are cancelled until further notice.

Yogi Wall Location: South East Side Rd – ¼ mile from Cayman Breakers on Bluff Side.

Info: yoga@climb.ky – Tel: 1-345-936-BRAC (2722)

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What is the best class for you?


Hatha Yoga – Beginner/Intermediate

This class emphasizes the foundation of asanas (poses) and the breath. Combines traditional hatha yoga teaching, healthy alignment and breathing techniques that calm the mind and open the heart while providing a physical practice that strengthens the body and promotes overall flexibility.


Vinyasa Flow – Intermediate/Advanced

An active class that coordinates movement with the breath to flow from one asana (pose) to the next to attain balance in body and mind using a dynamic, creative, intentional and more challenging sequencing with awareness and mindfulness. An understanding of basic postures is recommended.


Restorative – All Levels

A gentle class for all levels, with longer holds of asanas (3-5 min) designed to release tension held deep in the connective tissues of the body. Creating a deeper relaxation, balancing the nervous system and promoting regenerative healing that reduces stress.


Mindfulness Meditation – All Levels

30 minutes of silent meditation and an opportunity to open to presence and the intuitive, receptive pathways of the brain. With practice, this brings an increased level of concentration, mental clarity, and awareness of our emotions. Pranayama (breathing exercises) might apply to help on concentration.


Full Moon Yoga – Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations) – Intermediate

A sequence which reveres and honors the energy of the moon, it involves moving to the right and left, and facing the long edge of the mat. The side stretches and circular movements of the sequence can be considered to represent the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes. Chandra Namaskara is considered more yin in nature than the intrinsically yang Surya Namaskara. As such, Chandra Namaskara is a more cooling, meditative sequence of postures, which is ideally to be practiced in the evening.


Chakra Hatha Yoga – All Levels

A gentle Hatha Yoga using asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (controlled breath) to cleanse, balance, and open the chakras, the subtle energy centers of the human body. The class starts off with slow sun salutations followed by longer holds of asanas. A meditative sequence of 7 asanas, each one dedicated to one of the chakras, helps sharpen the mind while balancing and opening the chakras.


Mandala Painting

The word Mandala in Sanskrit means circle, making Mandalas is an enlightened art. Anyone can paint forms and colors’. There is no need to be an artist to paint a mandala.  Mandala painting is not an art form of learning how to paint. It is a joyful happening. Making Mandalas is a meditation technique, created from an empty and silence space. The center of the mandala symbolizes the core of our being, that which we are in essence. This center is surrounded by certain patterns, which symbolize our personality, body, mind and emotions. The outer circle symbolizes our connection to the outer world.


Eight Limbs of Yoga – Study & Practice

This is an introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga using a practical, hands-on approach. Our goal is to better understand Yoga Philosophy and help students grasp the benefits of the practice as a whole, rather than just focusing on the asanas, or poses. Yoga is a science of the mind, an art and a philosophy aimed to understand life’s most important questions. It touches the life of a person at every level: physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga invites us to let go of masks and old stories and live in a deeper state of awareness.


Our Team

Angel Robledo – Brazil

Founder/ Yoga Teacher RYT 200/ Hridaya Yoga 120H / AMGA Rock Climbing Instructor

Yoga first encounter Angel’s path in 2001 while studying Tibetan Buddhism Philosophy.

In 2012 she  finished a  Yoga  Ashram in Rishikeshi.  With great success, Angel  started to create her own routines to release her lower back pain and happily shares these moves with fellow Yogis and students. She went back to India many times after that where she finished her teacher training in Dharamsala, yet she continues taking courses and self-studying on a daily basis, always seeking to broaden and share her knowledge.

Angels desire to create in Cayman Brac, a true Yogi Community and a sacred place to practice.

“Yoga has transformed her life, Angel being Angel desires to share her love, experiences & knowledge with others. The Yogi Wall is her expression of Love to all Beings and the Mother Nature. Having an outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature is the mother’s gift to all who enter the sacred space.

Angel believes this is the best place to connect our energy with the elements and our true selves..

Adrea Richmond – USA

Yoga Teacher CYT 200

Adrea Richmond is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International Greece. She has taught in the countries of Spain, Greece, Mexico, and The United States. She received her certification in Athens, Greece where she spent five months of immersive training. Her classes are a well-balanced blend of a Mediterranean flow, Ancient Indian philosophy, and American flare. She devotes great attention to the musculoskeletal alignment of our bodies and also speaks about the internal benefits of the yoga asanas during sessions. You can expect to experience a true yoga class beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit.