Climbing Cayman Brac - David on Deep Water Solo


David grew up in Grand Cayman with a love of the outdoors. He first started climbing at the Pedro Castle bluff, deep water soloing with no rock shoes and no chalk over the deep sea below. Being drawn into this addictive sport, he helped build a non-profit climbing gym in Grand Cayman. Since then he has climbed in Thailand, Cuba, Morocco, Greece, Spain, Scotland, and the USA, and has become a certified AMGA single pitch instructor. Throughout his post-university life, the Brac has been an important outlet of adventure for David: surfing, climbing, hiking, exploration; after his discovery of the world-class rock climbing that the Brac also has to offer, he is love-struck. David’s primary goal with Rock Iguana Ltd is to shine a light on Cayman Brac as an international sport climbing destination and develop the tourism product of this uniquely beautiful little patch of rock.