• Overview: 50 ft rappel and intro to rock climbing
  • Duration:  2 – 3 hours
  • Cost: USD $185
  • Skill Level:  No experience required
  • Fitness Level: Comfortable walking on steep and uneven terrain for up to 30 minutes

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Prepare to explore your verticality and see the world from a different angle. This is a great tour for adventurers who are ready to get out there and try something new. Stand on the edge of a cave 50ft off the ground overlooking the Caribbean Sea and get ready to descend! This mini-expedition is the ultimate combination of action and scenery. The perfect entry-level tour for anyone who craves adventure.

Our professional guides will teach you the basics of rappelling; introduce you to the gear, how to position your body, and how to control the rope. You will get the chance to practice a few times on the flat ground to get the ‘hang’ of it, before getting to ‘hang’. You will be in complete control of your descent so you can cruise down the cliff face or take it easy and enjoy the scenery. No worries though, the instructor will always have you on a backup rope to ensure you are 100% safe and to put your mind at ease.

After the rappel, we will introduce you to the exciting sport of rock climbing. After a quick safety briefing you will get on the rock and try out a beautiful climbing route.

The afternoon tour starts out with a short hike on the south east coast of Cayman Brac with stunning views of the bluff and the blow holes. We venture into an interesting little cave and when you re-emerge, you will find yourself on the side of a cliff 50 ft off the ground! After clipping in our safety lines, we will traverse the opening of this cave “via ferrata” style to a wide ledge where all of the action happens. The views of the ocean are breathtaking from up here! After rappelling 50 feet to the base of the cliff, you will climb a fun and challenging climbing route with the same stunning ocean views.