January 18th to 22nd
Thursday to Monday – National Heroes’ Day!

BRACFEST is a celebration of outdoor lifestyle and it’s open to ALL enthusiastic beings to join!

Every year we have many famous appearances by Boobie Birds, Rock Iguanas, Brac Parrots, Frigates, Sharks, Turtles, Eagle Rays  and… as well as many human beings 😉 making it a perfect dance flow between holding on and letting go, on ALL LEVELS!

Cayman Brac is the perfect little secret gem to delve into the outdoors, there is something for everyone whether you are a rock climber, a diver, a yogi, a paddler, a biker, a hiker or just an outdoor enthusiast who loves being in nature with a fun group of beings. It provides world class rock climbing and scuba diving, hundreds of caves, beautiful hikes to explore and the most stunning sunrise and sunset you could ask for, even the yoga classes are held in an outdoor studio.

A very short history…

The idea arose from a group of rock climbers after a fun day on the rock of Cayman Brac. Sweaty climbers celebrating with beers by the car park and watching the stars… thinking: this could be a fun Festival… BOOM! Rock Iguana Ltd. made it happen! Bracfest Festival was born in 2020!

Today the festival raises funds for CBRAC (Cost to Bluff Recreation Access and Conservation) to protect this beautiful island of Cayman Brac.


On this page you will find the general schedule and activities of guided rock climbing/ rappelling and yoga classes that need to be booked in advance as spaces are limited. You can also pay your entry fee of KYD $25 on this webpage (100% of funds goes to CBRAC to protect land in the Brac) and give you access to ALL discounted programs and activities. There will be more spontaneous activities happening and meet ups for diving and climbing once you are here!


CBRAC – Coast to Bluff Recreational Access and Conversation – more info: 

Contact these companies directly for the activities below:

Brac Scuba Shack – Scuba Diving

Boat diving, shore diving and tank/gear rental

10% of proceeds from Bracfest’ers will be generously donated to CBRAC



Phone: 1-345-925-3215/1-345-948-8472



Active Pursuit – Sunrise bike ride/ Bike Rental

Phone: +1 (345) 927-0434

Cell: +1 (345) 923-7222




For accommodations we would suggest looking into renting a home with friends, you can find these on or Book a flight to the Brac at

How do I book?

To book for guided climbing and yoga on this page follow these steps:

  1. Book your Bracfest Entry Ticket using the green button below. One ticket per participant is required no matter how many events you attend.
  2. Book individual events by clicking on the green “Book” buttons on the schedule below.
  3. Checkout by clicking the shopping cart in the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Review your events, enter your contact/payment details.
  5. Enjoy the festival!


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10% of proceeds will be generously donated to CBRAC from Rock Iguana and Yogi Wall activities

7:30PM – 9:00PM

Cacao Circle with Angel and Will

Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. We come together to open our hearts and bring intention to a weekend filled with joy and nature. Songs will be shared as we open our hearts to Mother Earth, Cayman Brac and one another.

Location: Yogi Wall

Donation Suggested: USD $35 (100% goes to CBRAC project to protect our beloved Mother Earth)

All day fun Diving with Brac Scuba Shack


Community Unguided Rock Climbing

Find a buddy and CLIMB ON!

7:00PM – 9:00PM Welcome Dinner – Le Soleil D’or The Farm Restaurant

Spaces are limited! Booking is required.

Come and enjoy a Vegan and Vegetarian buffet made by the incredible chefs at The Farm Restaurant using fresh produce sourced from their blufftop farm. Includes fresh pizza from the wood fire oven.

Price: KYD $49 + Service  

Reservation Required at Le Soleil D’or:

+1 345 948 0555

6:45AM Parrot Reserve Nature Walk

Take a break from climbing and join Matt for a captivating nature walk through the Cayman Brac Parrot Reserve, where lush tropical foliage and vibrant birdlife await. Explore a winding trail shaded by towering trees, listening to the sounds of the Brac Parrot echoing through the air.

Location: Meet at the Parrot Reserve parking lot at 6.45am. Tour starts at 7am. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, and binoculars.

8:15AM – 9:15AM
Vinyasa Drumming Jam with Angel Robledo

Location: Yogi Wall

Price: USD $25

A moving meditation yoga class through 21 sun salutations (a set of yoga poses) with live drumming. The first 5 sun salutations will be guided and thereafter our bodies and hearts will move in time with the beat of the drums. 

9:30AM – 10:30AM
Yin Yoga with with Angel Robledo

This class will be focused on hips and shoulders, and works the deeper levels of the body and mind. Yin poses are held for 3-6 minutes allowing for a deeper journey into the fascia, yin-tissues, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints of the body.  Preparing the body for a weekend full of health movement.

Location: Yogi Wall

Price: USD $25

2:30PM – 5:30PM

Intro to Rock Climbing – Beginners/ Intermediate  The perfect session for beginners wishing to delve into the world of rock climbing or for existing climbers who need a skills refreshment. This session will provide an introduction to sport rock climbing and cover some basic belaying techniques, knots, climbing communication and technique.Location:  South East Side Beach

Price: USD $165

7:00PM Beach Bonfire
5:30AM – 7:30AM
(sunrise at 6:56)

Sunrise Bike Ride to Lighthouse Point

Location: Meeting at Active Pursuit Shop (Next to Brac Scuba Shack) – South West Side

Bring your own bike or rent one from Active Pursuit Ltd and join us as we cycle from the South West End of the Island to the Lighthouse to watch the sun rise over the ocean from the top of the Bluff.

Phone: +1 (345) 927-0434

Cell: +1 (345) 923-7222

8:15AM – 9:15AM
Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility with Renée Ravazzani

Location: Yogi Wall

Price: USD $25

The practice begins with a nice warm-up, including simple mobility drills and breathing exercises, flowing from one posture to another, working with active and passive flexibility, giving time to our body to adjust to the pose and explore the range of motion of our joints.

9:30AM – 11:00AM
Arm Balancing Workshop with Renée Ravazzani

Location: Yogi Wall

Price: USD $35

Arm balance is available for all different levels! In this class, you will learn technique and the variation of the pose that works for your body type. This is not a regular yoga/handstand class! Expect to do some “out of ordinary” exercises stimulating different areas of our brain and vestibular system (aka balance & proprioception) so we can find success in the practice of poses like Crow, Headstand, Forearm Balance and Handstands.

2:30PM – 5:30PM

Guided Rock Climbing and Rappelling – ALL LEVELS

Location: South East Side Beach (park at great cave)

Price: USD $165

Explore your verticality and see the world from a different angle! This tour focuses on top-rope climbing and assistant rappelling in a safe, fun, and casual environment. Absolutely no prior climbing experience is necessary: this tour is designed for all ages (8+), fitness, and skill levels. The instructor will ensure that you are 100% safe at all times and will guide you through all of the tricky sections. This is true no-hassle rock climbing; we will set everything up for you – all you do is climb!

4:30PM – 6:00PM Beach Clean Up

Location:  South East Side Beach (Garbage bag and gloves are provided)

Give back to nature and the climbing community by donating your time to help clean up the beach which leads to some of our favorite climbing crags!

8:15AM – 9:15AM
Hatha Flow – Wings & Heart with Amy Letourneau

LocationYogi Wall

Price: USD $25

A gentle flow focusing on opening the heart space.  The class starts off with slow sun salutations followed by asanas and various postures dedicated to working into the shoulders, arms, upper back & hips. Pranayama (breathing techniques) paired with Asanas focusing on opening the chest space will bring a sense of joy, compassion, and intuition to close a beautiful weekend of climbing, diving, and Bracfest activities.

9:15AM – 10:15AM
Restorative Yoga with Amy Letourneau

Location: Yogi Wall

Price: USD $25

In this class we will cultivate deep relaxation through supported restful positions and slow breathing which directly rebalances the nervous system and allows the body to heal and regulate itself.

The rest of the day… Relax, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Snorkel, Hang Out or Keep Climbing!!!

Location: Your bed? Hammock? Pool? Ocean? Bluff?

Thank you for joining BRACFEST 2022!


Meet the Yoga Instructors :


Angel Robledo – Brazil

Founder of the Yogi Wall and Co-founder of Rock Iguana Ltd.


Yoga first encountered Angel’s path in 2001 while studying Tibetan Buddhism Philosophy.

In 2012 she  did a  Yoga  Ashram in Rishikeshi (India) and started to create her own routines to release her lower back pain and happily shares these moves with fellow Yogis and students. She went back to India many times after that where she finished her teacher training in Dharamsala, yet she continues taking courses and self-studying on a daily basis, always seeking to broaden and share her knowledge.

Angels desire to create in Cayman Brac, a true Yogi Community and a sacred place to practice yoga and meditate..

The Yogi Wall is her expression of Love to all Beings and the Mother Nature. Having an outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature is the mother’s gift to all who enter the sacred space. 

Angel believes this is the best place to connect our energy with the elements and our true selves..




Renée Ravazzani – Argentina

Founder of Sannyasa Yoga & Acrobatics


Renée is an entrepreneur yoga instructor certified by the International Yoga Alliance, an aerial circus acrobatics performer, a rock climber, diver, and fire dancer! At the age of20 years old she saw the Cirque Du Soleil show for the first time and she knew that is what she wanted to dedicate herself to. A couple of years after Renée said ‘see you later’ to Argentina, her home country in order to achieve her dreams and discover the world. During her travelling, she had the opportunity to continue her education, perform and teach in places like France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India and now the Cayman Islands where she lives full time.With a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and 12 years of experience, she follows her passion for helping others to overcome fears and motivates them to discover a new world of physical activities like aerial silks, aerial hoop, flexibility, yoga and acroyoga classes.


Amy Letourneau – Canada

Yoga Teacher RYT 300/ Rock Climbing Assistant

Amy is a Caribbean born, Canadian raised yoga instructor, specializing in Traditional Hatha and Yin Yoga styles. Growing up actively between the ocean and the mountains, conscious movement and realignment of the body has always been a part of Amy’s life. Initially drawn to the gentler form of physical movement of Asanas, Amy soon became aware how much more of a role yoga can play to both calm and revitalize our entire being.  With a continued desire to dive deeper into the the yogic traditions, Amy has completed 300 Hrs training in Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. A strong believer in the breath’s connection to both the mind and body, Amy is excited to share the powers that yoga and breathwork can bring to others.