Climb ‘N’ Yoga Weekend

Cayman Brac

April – 5th to 7th

The best event in Cayman Brac is about to happen! The Yogi Wall is ready for a climbing and yoga weekend. Imagine your self on the top of “Namaste” – a climbing route that goes to the very top of the bluff. After an energizing day with Acro Yoga and rock climbing we will restore our energies with the most beautiful practice of Moon Salutations under the stars with the sound of the ocean on the Yoga Gazebo embraced by nature… and this is just the first day! SPACES ARE LIMITED, so book in advanced for a discount price and to secure your spot. See you on the wall and on the mat!


Rock Climbing – Rappelling – Yoga
It’s time for change
It’s time for transformation
It’s time for self-confidence
It’s time to overcome your fears
It’s time to build trust
It’s time to come to CAYMAN BRAC

EXPLORE the Brac from a different angle – It’s time to get Vertical!!!

The event will be hosted in one of the most unique Yoga venues in the Cayman Islands:

The Yogi Wall

“An outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature”

Cayman Brac Yoga

This event is for EVERYONE! All ages and experience levels welcome. (No previous experienced is required for all events during the weekend) 


KYD $325
(Book before March 25th)
KYD$ 385
(Book after March 25th)
What is included: 
–  Acro Yoga Workshop – 2 days
–  Chandra Namaskar – 3 nights
–  Light Dinner – 3 meals
–  Rock Climbing at Yogi Wall
–  Ocean Cave Rappel
–  All equipment for yoga, climbing and rappelling
–  Certified Yoga Instructor
–  AMGA Rock Climbing Guide
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2 nights: KYD $565
3 nights: KYD $665

Friday 5th  -Arrival
7:05pm – Arrival
7:30pm – Welcome light dinner
8:30pm – Intro to Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)

Saturday 6th
8:00am – Chandra Namaskar Fundamentals
8:30am – 10:30 – Intro to Acro Yoga (Beginner)

CLIMB ‘N’ YOGA @ Yogi Wall
3:00 pm– Rock Climbing (Beginner to Intermediate)
6:00pm – Light Dinner
8:00pm – Chandra Namaskar

Sun 7th
8:00 to 10:00 – Acro Yoga II

2:00pm – Rappelling + Rock Climbing (Beginner to Intermediate)
6:00pm – Light Dinner
8:00pm –  Chandra Namaskar

Acroyoga – combines yoga, acrobatic and Thai massage; this is a practice of “trust”, usually between 2 or more practitioners. Whether this is your first time hearing the term “AcroYoga” or you are a seasoned practitioner, join us to explore the fundamentals of movement, dynamic transitions, communication, strength and flexibility of the body and the mind” 

Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations) – is a sequence which reveres and honors the energy of the moon, it involves moving to the right and left, and facing the long edge of the mat. The side stretches and circular movements of the sequence can be considered to represent the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes. Chandra Namaskara is considered more yin in nature than the intrinsically yang Surya Namaskara. As such, Chandra Namaskara is a more cooling, meditative sequence of postures, which is ideally to be practiced in the evening. 

Rock Climbing – Explore your verticality and see the world from a different angle! Rock climbing is perfect if you are looking to try something new and exciting. Focuses on top-rope climbing in a safe, fun, and casual environment. Absolutely no prior climbing experience is necessary. The climbing routes will be specifically chosen for the group, providing a customized and memorable experience at the Yogi Wall.

(Tammi on the first ascent of Namaste – a climbing route that takes you to the top of Bluff @ Yogi Wall)

Ocean Cave Rappel – Stand on the edge of a cave 50ft off the ground overlooking the Caribbean Sea and get ready to descend! This mini-expedition is the ultimate combination of action and scenery. The perfect entry-level rappel tour for anyone who craves adventure.