• Overview: A day of Brac adventure with caves, nature walks, scenic outlooks, and optional rock climbing or rappelling
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Cost: USD $195
  • Skill Level: No experience required
  • Fitness Level: All ages (8+) and fitness levels

Discover the breathtaking Cayman Brac, the island of rock: cliffs, caves, and Caymanite. Rock Iguana Ltd ensures you an exciting, safe and stress-free experience. Discover Cayman Brac tours are 100% customizable and we can accommodate all fitness levels. These are some of the activities that a tour might include:

  • Exploring historical caves deep within the limestone that offered protection for islanders in the numerous hurricanes that have struck these shores.
  • Learning about the beautifully unique ecology and geology of Cayman Brac on a nature walk.
  • Overlooking the deep azure sea from Lighthouse Point, a lookout from atop the monstrous bluff. Here you may be able to see booby birds warring with the man-o-wars (frigates) in an exciting battle for food.

If you prefer a little more adventure, we can spice up the experience with a thrilling rappel or an introduction to rock climbing at the end of the day.

Rock Iguana Ltd will arrange your flight from Grand Cayman and pick you up directly from the airport, making your day a stress free experience. There will be a 2 hour lunch break to let you recharge: we can either stop at a local restaurant or you can pack your own lunch for a picnic (lunch is not included in the price of the tour). We recommend booking far enough in advance to ensure flights don’t sell out!