“An outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature”
Inhale Yoga – Exhale Climb
“The Yogi Wall is an expression of Love to all Beings and the Mother Nature. Having an outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature is the mother’s gift to all who enter the sacred space.” Angel Robledo


Come to join us on a yoga experience that goes beyond to a physical class!






Day Time Class Duration Teacher
Mon 11th 9:15am Hatha Yoga 1 hour Geri
Tue 12th 6:30pm Hatha + Restorative 1h15 Angel
Wed 13th 7:30am Mindfulness Meditation 30 min Angel
8:15am Hatha Yoga (Core) 1 hour Angel
Thu 14st 7:00am Vinyasa Flow 1 hour Angel
Fri 15th 4:30pm Hatha Yoga 1 hour Geri
Sat 16th 10:00am Vinyasa Flow 1h15 Geri
Mon 18th 9:15am Hatha Yoga 1 hour Geri
Tue 19th 4:30pm Vinyasa Flow 1 hour Geri
Wed 20th 7:00pm FULL MOON YOGA 1h30 Angel
Thu 21st 7:30am Mindfulness Meditation 30 min Angel
8:15am Hatha Yoga (Core) 1 hour Angel
Fri 22nd 10:00am Hatha Yoga 1 hour Geri
Sat 23rd 7:00am Meditation + Vinyasa Flow

“Energizing Practice”

1h15 Angel


Pre-opening Special Rates (Cash Only):

CI $10 per class – CI $15 Full Moon Yoga – CI $40 Weekly Pass

Meditation is FREE! Please arrive 15min before the class to register.


Yogi Wall Location: South East Side Rd – ¼ mile from Cayman Breakers on Bluff Side.

Info: angel@climb.ky – Tel: 1-345-936-BRAC (2722)


What is the best class for you?


Hatha Yoga – Beginner/Intermediate

This class emphasizes the foundation of asanas (poses) and the breath. Combines traditional hatha yoga teaching, healthy alignment and breathing techniques that calm the mind and open the heart while providing a physical practice that strengthens the body and promotes overall flexibility.


Vinyasa Flow – Intermediate/Advanced

An active class that coordinates movement with the breath to flow from one asana (pose) to the next to attain balance in body and mind using a dynamic, creative, intentional and more challenging sequencing with awareness and mindfulness. An understanding of basic postures is recommended.


Restorative – all levels

A gentle class for all levels, with longer holds of asanas (3-5 min) designed to release tension held deep in the connective tissues of the body. Creating a deeper relaxation, balancing the nervous system and promoting regenerative healing that reduces stress.


Mindfulness Meditation – all levels

30 minutes of silent meditation and an opportunity to open to presence and the intuitive, receptive pathways of the brain. With practice, this brings an increased level of concentration, mental clarity, and awareness of our emotions. Pranayama (breathing exercises) might apply to help on concentration.


Our Team

Angel Robledo -Brazil

Founder/ Yoga Teacher RYT 200/ Hridaya Yoga 120H / AMGA Rock Climbing Instructor

Yoga first encounter Angel’s path in 2001 while studying Tibetan Buddhism Philosophy.

In 2012 she  finished a  Yoga  Ashram in Rishikeshi.  With great success, Angel  started to create her own routines to release her lower back pain and happily shares these moves with fellow Yogis and students. She went back to India many times after that where she finished her teacher training in Dharamsala, yet she continues taking courses and self-studying on a daily basis, always seeking to broaden and share her knowledge.

Angels desire to create in Cayman Brac, a true Yogi Community and a sacred place to practice.

“Yoga has transformed her life, Angel being Angel desires to share her love, experiences & knowledge with others. The Yogi Wall is her expression of Love to all Beings and the Mother Nature. Having an outdoor yoga venue embraced by nature is the mother’s gift to all who enter the sacred space.

Angel believes this is the best place to connect our energy with the elements and our true selves..

Geri O’Brian – USA

Yoga Teacher RYT 200

Geri has always been physically active as a marathoner, golfer, skier, scuba diver and paddleboarder.  Initially, yoga was the perfect complementary activity to promote stretching, relaxation and mental restoration.  Her enjoyment of yoga quickly led to her to acquiring her teaching certification in 2010 through Studio Yoga in Madison, New Jersey.  Geri completed a three-year program taught by certified Iyengar yoga instructors.  She is a member of Yoga Alliance and has taught in several studios throughout northern New Jersey and South Carolina.  Geri continues to take classes from other instructors to help broaden and hone her instructor skills. 

“As a student of yoga, I come away from classes (taught or taken) both mentally and physically restored. I am always anxious to share that feeling with others.

To me, yoga is like music, rhythm of the body and harmony of the soul”