• Overview: Climbing at the Point, Multi-Pitch Skills, and Self-Rescue
  • Duration: 2 full days (6-8 hours per day)
  • Cost: USD $595
  • Skill Level: Intermediate and advanced climbers only
  • Fitness Level: Able to comfortably lead climb 5.8 routes

The eastern end of Cayman Brac rises 140 ft from the roaring Caribbean Sea and is home to some of the most beautiful climbing in the world, but it takes special skills to climb here. Climbing there is only possible by rappelling from the top of the bluff, which requires knowledge of traditional anchors, rope ascending, hanging belays, rescue techniques, and other advanced systems.

This course is aimed at persons with climbing and sufficient safety experience, or who have completed our Introduction to Rock Climbing and Intermediate Rock Climbing courses.

The course comprises of climbing one multi-pitch route and one route at The Point; the curriculum includes:

  • An introduction to Traditional Climbing Gear and safe placements to make an anchor
  • Learning how to build an equalized and self-equalized anchor (natural and artificial)
  • Setting up a rappel rope with a natural anchor for climbing at The Point
  • Rope protection over edges
  • Review safe rappel techniques
  • How to ascend a rope with different techniques and devices (self-rescue)
  • 3 to 1 pulley (rescue technique)
  • How to belay the second from the top of a climb
  • How to coil a rope on a hanging belay
  • Communication with your partner without audio or visual contact

This course will unlock the door to all of the exciting adventure climbs at Lighthouse Point, multi-pitch sport climbing, and take your climbing knowledge to the next level.